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Redding ARRL VE Team


The Redding ARRL Volunteer Examiner Team requires those testing with us to pre-register for our exams. When you pre-register, we can fill out all of the necessary paperwork prior to the exam and have everything ready for you the day of the exam. Having our candidates pre-register speeds up testing and the licensing process.


Pre-registering is fairly simple and takes just a few minutes. You do not need to fill out the information on a Form 605 and submit that. If you just send an email with the information, that is the preferred method. We will prepare the Form 605.


To pre-register for your upcoming amateur radio licensing exam, we would need the following information:



             My pre-registration information for the July 18th exam session:

                                                 (You fill in the date ^^^^^^^)


             John A. Jones

             123 Main Street (or PO Box)

             Anytown, CA  96005


             myemailaddress@email.com (Your email address)

             I would like to take the Technician Class License exam

             My current amateur radio call sign is W6ABC (if applicable)

             FRN: 0029212345

             Answer to the Basic Qualification Question: No (or Yes if appropriate)


             Please send your pre-registration information to sjmosconi@gmail.com



Below is further information explaining use of information provided


Your Name: first name, middle initial, and last name


             How you will be listed on the license


Your mailing address


             The address you provide will be accessible online in many databases

             related to call signs. If you don’t want to provide your home address,

             you may provide a PO box or any other address where you can receive mail.


Your phone number (optional)


             Your phone number would only be given to the ARRL (who processes the

             licensing paperwork) and to the FCC (who does the actual licensing).

             We will occasionally use that information as well, if we need to contact you.

             We prefer that you provide this information but that decision is entirely up to



Your Email Address


              Your Email address is now required by the FCC


Which exam(s) you wish to take: Technician, General and/or Extra (the Technician exam is the entry-level exam).


Your FRN (Federal Registration Number)


             If you are currently licensed, your FRN will be on your amateur radio license.

             If you are not currently licensed and do not have an FRN, please follow the              instructions on the FRN FAQ page and obtain an FRN.


The FCC does require applicants to answer the Basic Qualification Question: 

Has the Applicant or any party to this application, or any party directly or indirectly controlling the Applicant, ever been convicted of a felony by any state or federal court? (Effective as of 8-21-17)


Please answer with a simple “Yes” or “No.”


If your answer is Yes, please do not include any additional information for the Pre-Registration process.  It is not needed for the exam process.


Instead, please follow the instructions under the headings FCC BASIC QUALIFICATION QUESTION and FCC BASIC QUALIFICATION QUESTION INSTRUCTIONS AND PROCEDURES WHEN ANSWERING “YES” on page 2 of the NCVEC Form 605 Application:









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